Dare you choose to refuse? Here’s 5 ways to join the rebels in Plastic Free July


It’s Plastic Free July and I’ve seen loads of inspiring stories from people saying no to plastic. From take-out flasks to innovative ways to take home plants. Dare you choose to refuse this month?

Plastic Free July started with a handful of people in Australia 2011 and now has millions of participants across the globe. The idea is that you commit to reducing your plastic consumption for a month and get inspired to share tips and make lasting change to your lifestyle.

There’s lots of ways to get involved and it all starts on your shopping trip. Here are 5 ways you can stop plastic ever leaving the store. The less demand there is for plastic, the less plastic gets produced. It all starts with you and your buying power!

1. Remember your flask


If you haven’t already invested in this eco warrior essential this is the perfect time!

2. Choose unpackaged fruit and veg


Next time you’re choosing your five a day why not skip the ones that come in plastic wrapper and grab an armful of your favourites instead? Just remember your re-usable carrier bag…

3. Pack a re-usable carrier bag


A safe home for all your apples! I recently fell in love with this bag at plasticfrreedom.co.uk but you can have fun finding your perfect carrier.

4. Take your own pots to the garden centre


This is a tin for sugar or tea, but it’s taking a sabbatical to live life as a plant pot for a while. Do you have something you could take with you on your next trip to the garden centre to leave the plastic pots behind?

5. Find your local package free shop


Your local package free shop or food market might not be on your usual route, but why not try it just once this month? You could find something completely new and you’ll probably save some money by buying in bulk. Don’t forget a few jars to store your porridge!
The Zero Waster has done the hard work for you with a list of packaging free shops across the UK.

I hope you feel inspired, even one of these swaps will make a huge difference and maybe you can get your friends and family involved by sharing this page?

Happy Plastic Free July you rebel.

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