Given – a family in search of the big fish

Let’s celebrate International Surfing Day and Father’s day this weekend, wrap up warm and watch Given – a beautiful story about a surfer family who travel through 15 countries to fulfil a family legacy.

The film is told through the eyes of 6 year old Given, who goes in search of ‘the big fish’ with his father. As a viewer you’re swallowed into the free-spirited world of the Goodwin family and reminded of how we’re all connected to nature and each other.

So escape the cold and blustery weather, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Available on  Netflix, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

My favourite quotes from the film Given


“They lived in the middle of nowhere and their bus looked like a blue spaceship.”

“Sometimes it’s just about trying something new.”

“Bees are very different from people – our hives are bigger.”

“Above the water it’s so loud but underneath it’s like a whole different universe – it’s a place where people can fly.”

“If you take a road and drive down it, you never know what you might find.”

“When you learn how to walk you start your own path.”

“Each family have their own beat and rhythm that is passed on. If their dads didn’t teach their sons how to make a drum and play it, how would people know when to dance?”

“You don’t need magic to catch the big fish, you just need to follow the stars, listen to the people you meet and chase the waves.”

Visit to buy the film, the children’s story book and the sound track.

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