Wardrobe change

“I don’t have anything to wear!”

Ever looked in your wardrobe and thought that you didn’t have anything to wear? I have. Hangers and hangers of clothes that I thought I needed or found as a bargain in the sale, yet always reverting back to jeans and a t-shirt.

When I got back home after living out of a rucksack for three months I felt appalled. There were even some clothes that still had the label on.

Backpacking taught me a few things

I realise that being with fellow back packers on my trip meant that I wasn’t getting judged for wearing the same clothes for three days. However,  I learnt a few things about clothes that I hope will stay with me forever:

  1. Wash your clothes less
    You can wear something a lot before it really needs washing. If it doesn’t smell or a have an embarrassing stain on it then why not wear it again? You’ll be saving the planet
  2. Have fewer clothes
    Daily life is easier with few clothes to choose from.
  3. Transform your clothes
    Your clothes are yours to do with what you want. Even going at them with a pair of scissors and wonky stitching.

Have fewer clothes

There’s a lot of advice and guidance out there about how good it feels to go minimalist. Just Google ‘living with less’ to see what’s available. I watched Minimalism, a documentary by The Minimalists who make living with less look easy. I’m not quite where they are but maybe this is a good start.

Nonpossessiveness is also part of yogic philosophy. Although I’m only at the beginning of my yoga journey I’ve already learnt that letting go of stuff, mentally and physically, really does give you the space to invite new things into your life.

So I felt very excited about sorting through my wardrobe, three times, to give me the three bin liners of clothes I no longer want. I’m already in contact with a local homeless shelter and am arranging a car boot sale – don’t just throw them in the bin!

Transform your clothes


With little supplies you can have a great time turning your clothes into something new. I had a sudden moment of rebellion in my village in Nepal where I cut a good meter off of my full length floaty skirt.

Here are my three simple steps to transforming a T-shirt or sweater:

  1. Cut off the sleeves (and neck band and bottom band if you’re feeling brave)
  2. Fold and pin the edges to make a quick seam
  3. Use the invisible stitch to sew the seam.

It isn’t Alexander McQueen, but if you weren’t wearing it anyway what’s to lose?

“I have all these clothes!”

Now I’m reaching into my wardrobe, which is a lot easier to navigate, and grabbing a ‘new’ top to go with my jeans. I no longer think I don’t have anything to wear and I’ve had the chance to do two great things – be creative and help people.

Whether it’s a t-shirt you think you can fall in love with again, or a few items of clothes you can give away – I bet there’s something you can change in your wardrobe. What are you waiting for?

Find out more

You can find out how to recycle near you at www.recyclenow.com

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