Children create their ideal world using litter

Community calls

As we sipped a well awaited coffee in Durbar square (we’d been deprived of it for two months) my friend Kate pointed out an article in Spaces magazine which described Nexus – a creative and collaborative space for artists and community building.

As an artist herself Kate was keen to go and discuss residencies as she, like me, wanted any path back to Nepal. I was happy to join her in a mini adventure to find it, as I’m passionate about community and art.

After a short trip from Durbar Square to Maitri Marg we found ourselves walking into a beautiful oasis of calm and wonder, which was the garden of the Nexus building.


We were quickly in conversation with Ashima, the founder of Nexus and local artist. She explained that the crazy wall behind us was built out of upcycled materials from the earthquake.

All of the objects in the garden that we passed on the way in were also up-cycled items – including seats and tables made out of bicycles. I felt a little bit like Alice in wonderland.



There was a children’s project on display that blew me away – a whole city called Creatopia (featured in the main image).

It was made out of litter and was incredibly detailed, right down to tiny tables made out of bottle tops. It had it’s own list of rules, which included ‘don’t be lazy’ and a fine for smoking.

The children had created their ideal world and it got me thinking – what would my set of rules be? I came up with:

  1. A piece of land for everyone
  2. Free internet for all
  3. A green points system for people who are eco friendly
  4. Ice cream parlours everywhere
  5. Only organic farming is legal

I could probably come up with a few more if I spent more time on it, but what would your rules be?

Come and stay

We were given a tour of the quirky rooms, outdoor cinema and working spaces for the artists. The good news is that even if you’re not in residency here, you can stay at Nexus for your accommodation during your travels.

You can also sit in their unique and inspiring garden with a freshly brewed coffee or ice cold beer, talking to friendly people who are happy to share their work.

If I ever get a chance to come here again I’ll definitely jump on AirBnB and book myself a room, there’s a chocolate brownie in the bar waiting for me (and maybe a beer). Will I see you there?

Find out more

Visit for more information about Nexus.

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